Monday, February 29, 2016


In the glow of the fire I can see our future in its sparks.
While we sleep, the air will gently blow and the breeze will heighten our dreams.
All the leaves have paved a path for us now, so lets go and never look back.
I see freedom in the fire and the flame lingers on inside our beating hearts.

My punk band

My old band is back together and we are playing our third show this year!!
No, not the Freelance Whales, but the band I was in pre-FLW, we were called (are called) Rementia. Can you say it with me? Rem-en-itia and we are back with a vengeance. We know our name sounds weird but we hope that with a little adjusting you'll get used to it. We wrote our music when politics began to mean something to us. Our music is political, diverse and empowering.
We hope that on our second go at it we will see all of your beautiful faces in the crowd singing along to our songs, which by the way are now 13 years old!
Once we get these next few shows out of our system we plan on sitting down and writing new ones. And we all know there's SO much that needs to be said and we can't wait to get it out of our systems! Please come down to Gussys on March 5, 2016 at 8pm.

Doris Cellar Stickers available now!

4x4" round

Friday, February 26, 2016

Going to the Chapel and we're singing The Ronettes!

If you love the Ronettes and love LOVE then I need YOU to sing (or play music) with me!

Wedding bells are a-ringin', and I am more than happy to be part
of a musical performance at my friends wedding.
I am currently searching for backup singers and acoustic musicians
to help me make this reception extra special!
Could it be you?
Please email me

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I guess I wasn't done making the most of my "free" time, so I decided to put the word out there and find some local Halloween enthusiasts to help me build a pop-up haunted house. I searched the bowels of craigslist, accepted donations, began building and soon enoughI found a team of artists and builders that helped make it all happen.

See pictures by visiting the Astoria Music and Arts community group here.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

New World Queens Festival

With the help of A LOT of friends, and experience from helping with the festival last year,
I had the chance to organize a local music and art festival that had 3 1/2 music stages,
a dance stage for kids, an art "island"- which featured some of the best artists of Astoria,
lots of good food, and there was even a karaoke tent!

See pictures by visiting the Astoria Music and Arts community group here:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yes, I have a freaky side..

Sometimes I admit I'm a little coy, sometimes I'm not, I wrote this song when there was a feistiness in me I could not ignore. I borrowed my friends snakes, my other friends teddy bear costume and the rest, well you'll have to see. Warning: this video is explicit!